Picsolve is traditionally a retail brand who has created a small digital start-up in the attempts to take their products from the queue and purchase system, to a purely digital experience on their mobile phones. Initially all the design work was provided by an external agency. This wasn’t the most straight-forward way of working (as many who’ve had this model may attest to) and so the design was brought in house, with their first designer being yours truly!
I worked alongside our UX Analyst to help initiate a process for designs to be provided to the digital team without clashing with the digital sprints. Part of this process meant helping the team to understand the thinking around design, but more importantly User Experience.
To get the team on board with understanding why we do rapid prototyping and testing out designs before taking it to development, we invited them to a workshop to help sketch ideas on how to implement web payments into our website. We kept the time to 1 hour (any longer and people get BORED) to draw out multiple ideas and pitch them to us and each other. This gives the team insight into each other’s visions for the product as well as quickly revealing flaws in approach or concept. It’s a great team building exercise and ensures everyone is on the same page for new features and user centred goals!

A few sharpies and some sketch paper later and you can see some of the iterations below:

Check out the wireframe we took away from this workshop

Web Payments Wireframe

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