Originally, I received this as a design task for a job I applied for (which I didn’t get) but I wanted to show the rapid thought process and approach for a project where there’s no existing basis to start from and how a strategy can be developed from scratch.

There’s plenty of things I could do differently but nevertheless…

Design task

Oh wow! you have found yourself in an alternate reality where Hyperloop already exists and they have almost finished the link from the US to Europe.
Your task is to think about how a booking and boarding experience might work. The brief is “simple”…it should be flexible enough to work for all types of traveller and be frictionless and elegant like the mode of transport itself.


Research Plan

For the sake of simplicity, I’ve made two assumptions when proceeding with this project so please bear in mind the following:

– The user base are english speakers
– The user base are culturally aligned to the UK/USA
Research methods for discovery phase (these methods are theoretical)
1. Secondary research to determine future tech predictions, current user mental models for transport, what makes Hyperloop different.
2. User proto-personas
– who are the users
– what are their expectations/desires
– user pain points
3. User job stories
– what are the user problems we’re trying to solve

User needs diagram

Early wireframes

I started with mobile and looked at how a design in the future might work and even did a very experimental app booking concept below.











In the end I chose to go for this style and play it safe.



You can check out the final design on dribbble